by Aaron Fox | August 4, 2017

At Fox Solutions, we provide full stainless steel packing equipment solutions for all your fresh produce equipment needs. While food safety is the most important consideration when thinking about equipment construction material, there are also a few more benefits to investing in stainless steel equipment that you may not have considered.

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by Aaron Fox | July 19, 2017

In today’s crowded food space, brands are challenged to figure out how to stand out on the store shelf. One of the easiest ways to make your brand noticed is through unique and attention grabbing packaging. 

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by Aaron Fox | July 5, 2017

In selecting the plastic materials for our bag designs, Fox Packaging considers a number of variables based on how well they will protect, enhance and elongate shelf-life for various fresh produce items. Our long-standing research partnership with Michigan State University’s School of Packaging has allowed us to conduct a number of research trials to develop optimum packaging respiration levels and light-protecting designs that deliver industry-leading flexible packaging solutions.

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by Aaron Fox | June 27, 2017

The 2017 United Fresh Expo has been wrapped up in Chicago and our Fox Solutions team brought three of our machines, the Newtec 4009 B2 Weigher, the new and improved Pouch Bagger and the WB Bagger series, to show off to the attendees of the show. Here are some highlights of our innovative equipment solutions you may have missed at United Fresh Expo 2017.

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by Aaron Fox | June 1, 2017

Even after a fruit or vegetable is removed from its plant, it is still a living organism that continues to exhibit certain biological functions that help to keep its cells alive and thriving well after harvesting.  At the most basic level, carbohydrates that are stored in each piece of produce are continually burning energy just as the human body does. 

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