The Original Fox Fresh Mesh

The Fox Fresh Mesh bag is an industry-influencer. We're sharing five reasons to love this bag when you need helpful packaging solutions the most. 

1. Keeps Produce Fresh

Product visibility and breathability are the two key factors driving the growth of the global mesh bag market. Fox Fresh Mesh bags offer high breathability, keeping the contents fresh for longer periods of time. These same benefits are helping to also expand mesh bag usage within the seafood segment. 

2. A Store-Shelf Solution

As packers have been looking to adequately service a flooded consumer market, Fox Fresh Mesh bags have suitably packed the produce weights that meet household needs, increasing the total amount of packaged produce purchased per store visit. This has aided farmers in moving larger quantities of fresh produce by securing a small pack size that has met the needs of packers and retailers alike. 

3. Practical Label Space

While the demand for mesh bags has been increasing proportionally with the demand for fresh food, growers are also looking for a way to communicate important information. Our customizable strip labels provide ample space for brand messaging and product details. 

4. Can be Hand-Packed

Fox Fresh Mesh bags are a direct solution to hand packing and are ideal for a large range of commodities including onions, citrus, and bite-size potatoes.  They are also a great solution for transitioning commodities from bulk packs to retail-ready packaging. By using a Kwik Lok closure, this bag is secured and can be reworked during packing and reused at home.

5. Recyclable

The Fox Fresh Mesh bag can be recycled through participating store drop-off programs and has been approved to carry the How2Recycle® label to communicate a universal recycling language to mindful consumers. As retailers have reviewed their packaging programs and outlined corporate social responsibility agendas, the Fox Fresh Mesh bag has repeatedly met their criteria of responsible packaging.


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