VertiMesh Q&A with Keith Fox

In conjunction with the rollout of our new packaging material, Fox Fresh VertiMesh, we sat down with Keith Fox, President of Fox Packaging, for a quick Q & A about this new automated packing solution.

Q: What led to the Fox Fresh VertiMesh roll being added to your signature line of packaging products?

A: We are supportive of our customers first and foremost, this unforeseen and unprecedented time has led to our customer’s experiencing different pain points, particularly in the case of packaging. Consumers are buying produce in larger quantities, growers/packers/shippers/ need to be able to meet that demand and packaging is the most convenient and cost-effective method to distribute.

Packing automation is a crucial component of on-time delivery. Changing a packaging application is not limited to art, messaging, or pack style, but is directly driven by production operations and their mechanical capabilities.

We designed our Fox Fresh VertiMesh to be compatible with Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal equipment; serving our customers a packaging application that is appropriate for their current equipment.

Q: How did your team approach the design of the VertiMesh material?  

A: We were rather enthusiastic when approaching the design of the Fox Fresh VertiMesh bag; our production, product development, engineering, Fox Solutions and Executive teams worked closely to ensure that the mechanical performance of the materials would translate to the automation requirements of this packaging style.

Q: How has COVID-19 impacted your operations?

A: There is an immense pressure within the packaging industry as a result of COVID-19. Our operations have been trusted with increased order volumes and we are diligently managing production to deliver orders on-time. While the impacts have been ongoing, our team has continued their innovative endeavors in filling our customer’s packaging needs, and for that, we are proud and continue looking into tomorrow for gaps in which flexible packaging can offer solutions.

Q: Does this bag feature any sustainability benefits?       

A: Addressing the sustainable features of our products is important to us. Our Fox Fresh VertiMesh roll offers a recyclable alternative to comparable single-use bags. This material is accepted at participating store drop-off programs

Q: What would you like customers to know about Fox Packaging?            

A: We’re family run and we’ve been in business for over 50 years – that speaks volumes about who we are as a partner. Our teams are eager to share their expertise and passion in a valuable way with our industry; we do not shy away from realistic and honest conversation.

We invite you to reach out to us if you have any questions, because if you’re using packaging, we’d want you in Fox Packaging.

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