by Fox Packaging | August 8, 2022

Demand is rising for more sustainability-conscious products across the board, and specifically in the realm of consumer packaging. However, as shoppers become increasingly environmentally conscious, there has been a proven disconnect between shoppers saying they desire more eco-friendly options while not empowering themselves with the knowledge necessary to take action.

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by Fox Packaging | August 1, 2022

The Packer recently released its 2022 Sustainability Insights report that aggregated the sustainability practices and perceptions of the 664 growers, consumers and retailers that were polled. Three stats in particular highlighted the critical need for recyclability to be a key component of a successful packaging program.

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by Fox Packaging | February 25, 2021

By connecting with Fox Packaging for your flexible packaging needs, you are not simply working with a vendor, but with a partner who understands fresh produce packing operations and the perishability of various commodities. But even beyond that essential industry knowledge, we understand the intrinsic value that packaging brings to your shoppers well beyond its functional design.  

Here are four rules of the packaging game that will help you win the hearts and minds of your shoppers.

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by Fox Packaging | January 18, 2021

What is upcycling? You can upcycle a used good or waste material to produce something new by modifying it to serve a second function outside of its original design.

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by Fox Packaging | January 6, 2021

We learned a lot this past year including improving our own operational efficiencies, the effects a pandemic has on supply distribution, and just how important packaging is to our customers and consumers. Through all the highs and lows our industry has seen this year, it has been our pleasure to serve you with meaningful content that helps you thrive in your business.

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