The Rules of the Packaging Game

By connecting with Fox Packaging for your flexible packaging needs, you are not simply working with a vendor, but with a partner who understands fresh produce packing operations and the perishability of various commodities. But even beyond that essential industry knowledge, we understand the intrinsic value that packaging brings to your shoppers well beyond its functional design.  

Here are four rules of the packaging game that will help you win the hearts and minds of your shoppers.

Rule #1: Packaging Should Elevate Convenience

  • Busy lifestyles dictate less sit down meals at home: “On-the-go” packaging design permits a consumer to choose fresh when planning meals on the run. 
  • e-Shopping is on the rise: Online orders and curbside pickup are more common than ever, hastened by COVID-19. But even before the pandemic "buy online/pick up in store" purchases have grown 4x over the past 5 years.1 Shoppers have had to get used to the idea that someone else was picking out their produce, something that has traditionally been a personal sensory experience for shoppers.  Packaged items offer more consistent quality than bulk selection, easing shopper concerns about what they'll receive in their grocery order.

Rule #2: Packaging Should Speak to Purpose-Driven Shoppers

  • Health-conscious are looking for solutions: Purpose-driven consumers are willing to spend more for products that attribute to their values and lifestyle. Packaging that communicates organic or wellness benefits and has an appealing design is well-positioned to capture the health-minded consumer’s attention.

Rule #3: Packaging Should Align with Sustainability Mindset

  • Environmental impact is top of mind for shoppers: Six in ten consumers survey respondents said that they are willing to change their shopping habits to reduce environmental impact. Eight of ten indicated that sustainability is important for them. And 70% of those who say that sustainability is very important stated that they pay a premium of 35% for brands that are sustainable and environmentally responsible.1

Rule #4: Packaging Should Support Clean Label

  • Shoppers need help discerning: 84% of shoppers surveyed say brand trust is important – in other words, consumers are using brands as a proxy for the attributes they seek in their personal life.1 Your packaging gives you an opportunity to communicate to shoppers that they are making the right decision in choosing your product amongst a variety of choices.

1 - Research Insights. Meet the 2020 consumers driving change. National Retail Federation and IBM Institute for Business Value. Karl Haller, Jim Lee, and Jane Cheung.

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