Top Blog Posts of 2020

We learned a lot this past year including improving our own operational efficiencies, the effects a pandemic has on supply distribution, and just how important packaging is to our customers and consumers. Through all the highs and lows our industry has seen this year, it has been our pleasure to serve you with meaningful content that helps you thrive in your business.

Here are the top five blog posts our readers enjoyed in 2020.

1. Consider Your Packaging in Totality

Recyclable 2 Packaging

This piece talked about the four areas that are critical when reviewing the sustainability of your packaging program.

Why is this important? Because with sustainability, there is always a tradeoff. When working with our Fox Packaging and Fox Solutions teams, we encourage our customers to outline each of their goals so that when we are designing their bag, we are working to meets operational and marketing criteria. Read Full Blog Here

2. 3 Things We Learned After Visiting Our Local Recycling Center


Our team visited our local McAllen Recycling Center and learned how our municipality manages community waste. We learned that there are many incorrect recycling habits within consumers, that end-markets are scarce, and that many recyclables are land-filled. Read Full Blog Here

3. Sanitation and Safety: The Benefits of Plastic

Flexible Packaging Store Set

Plastic offers a variety of benefits that perhaps go unappreciated in many ways. Plastic packaging offers the benefits of increased innovation, product protection, efficiency, convenience, cost, automation, and environmental impact.

If that’s the case, why is packaging vilified? While packaging has earned respect within the supply and distribution chain, businesses and industry leaders are still learning how to communicate these benefits with consumers. Read Full Blog Here

4. What You Need to Know About BioPlastics

corn field

In this piece, we clarify the differences between biobased, biodegradable, and compostable. While it is often misunderstood that each packaging type-while being either distinctly labeled or not-may receive the same disposal treatment, each has been specifically designed for different and individual treatment. This consumer confusion can cause contamination within streams and directly infringe on the end-of-life design. Read Full Blog Here

5. Meet the Fox Packaging Product Line

Group Bag Shot_600w

We outlined seven of our product offerings and elaborated on how they are currently performing on the market, the commodities they traditionally serve, the commodities they are positioned to serve, and the automation solutions available for equipment packing.

We have since introduced the Fox Fresh VertiMesh bag to our offerings and made significant additions to our facility to expand our production capacity. Read Full Blog Here

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