by Fox Packaging | December 7, 2021

What if making small improvements to your packaging could lead to a multitude of benefits for your brand and bottom line? Recently, Shell Polymers published an eBook that discusses that very idea and brings up 3 actionable takeaways that we felt were worth elevating.

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by Fox Packaging | October 18, 2021

Scan your M&Ms to download a Spotify playlist. Scan the tabletop at your favorite restaurant to see the dinner menu for the evening. Scan a code on the side of your sweet onion bag to be taken to a website for a special giveaway or sweepstakes.

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by Fox Packaging | July 16, 2021

While widely used in agriculture, particularly for bulk onions and citrus, Leno mesh bags are also a highly utilized solution for items such as firewood, peanuts and shellfish.  In a completely different context, they have become popular for use in community cleanup programs as a light-weight and recyclable way to gather trash and debris from parks and roadsides.

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by Fox Packaging | July 2, 2021

Fox Solutions is a proud partner and the exclusive U.S. distributor of Haith Group, a world leading manufacturer of vegetable handling systems for bulk handling, washing, and polishing.

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by Fox Packaging | June 14, 2021

The Recycling Partnership, an action agent transforming the recycling system and activating
a circular economy for packaging, recently released a 2021 report titled Paying It Forward: How Investment in Recycling Will Pay Dividends.

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