What Makes Fox Packaging a Preferred Packaging Partner

Fox Packaging has been providing packaging solutions specifically designed to serve the fresh produce industry for over 50 years.  Those five decades of expertise are what guide our program consultations and help us lead our customers in identifying the right solutions for their business. By connecting with Fox Packaging for your flexible packaging needs, you are not simply working with a vendor, but with a partner who works to help you meet your goals.

Here's a few reasons to rely on Fox Packaging for all your flexible packaging needs:

1. Your packaging should create brand recognition.Fox-RRR-Email-Header

There should be a coordinated effort to ensure that all aspects of your packaging - from cartons and labels to bags and PLU stickers - provide a cohesive and thoughtful brand presentation. Our Fox Packaging team works closely with you to ensure that your custom bag represents your company vision while standing out on the shelf.

2. Production goals and potential problems should be considered up front.

Will your package be hand-packed or equipment automated? During our consultation, we will ask questions that will prevent untimely inaccuracies. If your goal is to increase the recyclability features of your package, or to transition into a pack size more convenient for store shelves, we will work with you each step of the way to help curate a bag that helps you meet your goals.

PackagingBenefits-header-1-13. Realistic timelines and communication are a priority.

We understand that projects may begin one year ahead of schedule or one month until the anticipated delivery date. While we aim to serve our customers in meeting their desired expectations, we collaborate with you in honesty and integrity, communicating about your project with a transparency that builds partnership.

Contact a member of our sales team today at info@foxbag.com and let us consult you!


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