by Aaron Fox | May 17, 2017

Over the last decade, sustainable packaging options have increased to one degree or another from the introduction of original packaging innovations to modifications of existing designs that now include higher levels of sustainable components. 

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by Aaron Fox | May 2, 2017

For fresh produce packers, traditional wicketed baggers on the market required a compromise of some kind from food safety to functionality. We say those compromises becoming significant operational challenges for our customers. That is why we designed the revolutionary WB Automated Wicketed Bagger. Simple and user-friendly, our bagger is engineered specifically for food safety and handles product sizes from key limes to grapefruit.

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by Aaron Fox | March 28, 2017

Potatoes have always presented a unique challenge with their sensitivity to light exposure and the resulting green discoloration.  Shoppers learned to address this issue at home by storing potatoes in closed bins that prevented any light exposure at all.  But retailers also needed a solution to manage the greening happening while the product sat on the store shelf.  Efforts had included tinted poly bags, ‘special’ lights and tarping the displays at night to minimize hours of light exposure, but nothing seemed to yield adequate results.  And with the greening, came costly product loss.

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by Aaron Fox | March 13, 2017

“Sustainability” became trendy business jargon in the fresh produce industry about 10 years ago when resource conservation and biodegradable plastics overtook sales conversations. For some companies, this topic extended to include alternative resource technology, unconventional pest management on a grand scale and even humane treatment of employees.  The scope of the topic became quite large and all-encompassing. 

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