by Fox Packaging | December 28, 2020

We shared in our last post that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that more food reaches landfills and incinerators than any other single material in our everyday trash, constituting 22 percent of discarded municipal solid waste.1

A 2015 survey2 by TNS Global that explored public opinions toward food waste and packaging found that 76% said they throw away leftovers at least once a month, while 53% throw away leftovers every week. And 51% of respondents say they throw away food we bought but never used.

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by Fox Packaging | December 14, 2020

The United States is the global leader in food waste. Americans throw away nearly 40 million tons of food every year at an average of 219 pounds per person. That equates to an estimated $1,600 per family in discarded fresh produce alone.  According to the number of households counted in the 2016 U.S. Census, total food waste is costing Americans over $193 billion a year.

By more fresh produce companies implementing sustainably sound packaging initiatives, positive economic and environmental impact can be seen in four key ways.

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by Fox Packaging | November 30, 2020

The Fox Fresh Mesh bag is an industry-influencer. We're sharing five reasons to love this bag when you need helpful packaging solutions the most. 

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by Fox Packaging | September 1, 2020

A rigorous life-cycle analysis (LCA) is the packaging industry's key tool for examining the environmental impact of our products. The objective of an LCA is to weigh the trade-off of improvements in one area of the life-cycle against the impact it has in another with the aim of improving overall sustainability.

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by Fox Packaging | August 17, 2020

The advantages of flexible packaging with regards to design and material includes easy storage features, supports extended shelf-life, more convenient to open and carry, highly practical resealability, utilizes less material, improves cost economics, less overall weight, improved shipping characteristics, and overall better suited for e-commerce.

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