Our Sustainability Story

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“Sustainability” became trendy business jargon in the fresh produce industry about 10 years ago when resource conservation and biodegradable plastics overtook sales conversations. For some companies, this topic extended to include alternative resource technology, unconventional pest management on a grand scale and even humane treatment of employees.  The scope of the topic became quite large and all-encompassing. 

But sustainability isn’t just about reputation anymore for these companies. They want to not only improve processes within their organization, but also pursue growth by developing green products, as well as retaining and motivating employees to work for a company they are proud to be a part of. Without a doubt, all those things matter in a very literal sense, when you consider the vast responsibility this industry has in producing food that feeds people around the world.

For Fox Packaging, it has always been less about the jargon and more about real decisions we have been making for the betterment of the industry long before it became a trendy topic. Our company invests in sustainable efforts in all aspects of our production, including:

  • Recyclable plastics
  • Inks
  • Investments in more efficient equipment
  • Investment in low carbon emissions trucks
  • People

Partner with a company you can feel good about for your products AND the environment your products grow in. Partner with Fox Packaging.

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