Fox Solutions Showcasing Newtec's Celox-P-UHD at the 2020 Potato Expo

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A Conversation with Jim Savigny, General Manager at Fox Solutions

The 2020 Potato Expo will be hosted in Las Vegas January 13-14 and the Fox Packaging and Fox Solution's teams are gearing up to showcase our line of premier flexible packaging and packing automation solutions.

We sat down with Fox Solutions' Jim Savigny, who has been with us for 5 years and is a 30-year veteran of the equipment solutions industry, to learn more about Newtec's Celox-P-UHD, an optical sorting machine manufactured specifically for potato automation.


Newtec Optical Sorting Machine_Model_Celox_P_UHDNewtec's Celox-P-UHD distributed through Fox Solutions.

What are the most notable value-added features of the Celox-P-UHD for potato lines?

Jim: This Newtec Optical Sorting machine really offers an accurate selection of high-value products. Having the ability to output consistent quality, size, and shape simultaneously through one machine makes a positive impact on line efficiency.

So then the Celox actually acts as a three-in-one machine?

Jim: In so many ways, it’s more than that. Implementing this machine to your line removes the need for mechanical pre-grading, eliminating the need for additional labor.

How many categories of product can the Celox sort through at once? 

Jim: Up to 13 categories can be sorted at the same time, identifying and separating the desirable produce away from the rejected produce. Programming the Celox to instantly recognize the distinguished characteristics of the produce during bulk sorting becomes effortless, eliminating changeover downtime.

Jim: A profound feature is the New Generation camera platform. Each individual potato is photographed at least 45 times using three cameras before it is sorted through. 


The camera section identifies greening, gray spots, fresh damage, dry cuts, black spots, and rot, quickly sorting them out of the production line.

Jim: It’s top-of-the line, state-of-art technology and it happens quickly, it’s amazing to see the infeed section receive product and then convey them into the camera section via vibrating channels. Pushing product at the highest throughput of up to 33 tons per hour.


Jim: Having had interacted with the software on the Celox-P-UHD and it was user and operator friendly. Newtec uses a very intuitive interface for configuring rules for sorting products, it can even be accessed through WebServices and is integrated through PLC connectivity. 

The interface displays photos, allowing an operator to select specific product deformities to be targeted and channeled out.

And through WebServices users able to review real-time data provided by the machine, which can be integrated to your IT-systems for further analysis, giving a tremendous amount of control to the operator or manager. Data like that not only makes a difference to production reporting but in new business decisions as well, especially since each packing house has their own unique production goals.

After the camera section, the potatoes reach the Spinaflex section which routes the product to the correct lane. The Spinaflex belt routes products at low speed for minimum amount of shock and the drop height is low, leading the potato to get weighed, packed, and then prepared for distribution.

newtec-celox-spinaflex-system-2-1The Spinaflex section gently sorts and releases product into the correct lane.

Are there different models that can accommodate specific production goals?

Jim: The Celox is offered in 12 lane and 4 lane configurations. The 12 lane Celox-P-UHD has the capacity to sort from 4.4 tons to approximately 33 tons of product per hour depending on the size of potato. The Celox can be integrated into existing lines, reducing additional costs and significantly feeding the packing process. Pairing the Celox with the right Newtec weigher and our FSPB2 pouch bagger makes an even bigger difference in streamlining your operations.

In summary, why is the Celox-P-UHD worth investing in?

Jim: All in all, you get the benefits of optimal use of potatoes, labor cost savings, increased throughput and operational reliability, low maintenance cost and superior product sorting and quality.

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Fox Solutions is the U.S. distributor for Newtec and will be showcasing the Celox-P-UHD at the 2020 Potato Expo in Las Vegas. Visit booth #1201 to see it in action and speak with our sales team to get more information specific to your operation.

Download the Celox-P-UHD sellsheet here

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