Fox Solutions Equipment Pairings

Large Citrus Pairing

Having a wide variety of equipment options is important, but knowing which ones deliver optimal performance for your products is even more important.That's why Fox Solutions recently launched an equipment pairings page on our website - to make your research a little bit easier.  

This resource provides recommended weigher and bagger pairings for large citrus, potatoes & onions, soft-fill fruit & tomatoes, and small citrus based on years of experience helping produce customers achieve optimal pack-line performance. 
Small Citrus Pairing
We've even included a couple options for potatoes and onions depending on whether you are looking for a low or high volume output. Each pairing explains the bagger's speed as well as quick links so that you can learn more detailed information about each machine.
As always, our team is available for one-on-one consultations based on your operational goals. Let us help you find the equipment solution that makes the most sense for your business.  Contact our sales team at

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