Automation Q&A with Aaron Fox

We sat down with Aaron Fox, President of Fox Solutions, for a quick Q & A about Fox Solutions' comprehensive line of automated packing solutions including weighers, baggers, case packers and more. 

Q: Can you introduce us to Fox Solutions?         

A: We are a domestic distributor and manufacturer of packing automation solutions based out of McAllen, Texas and Lockport, NY. We work with packinghouses to either update their current operations, to incorporate a new line that specifically helps our customers meet their production goals, to help them pack a particular bag, or serve their existing line. We specialize in bagging equipment, and in our own product line we have the FSPB2 bagger, a pouch bagger and our FSWB3 bagger, made for wicketed bags.

Q: What are the benefits of working with Fox Solutions?            

A: We are in an advantageous position as we understand the needs on both the packaging and automation sides. Being able to work alongside our sister company, Fox Packaging, permits our teams to collaborate and truly customize a solution for our customer. We’ve been in business for some time now and have seen and learned from so many situations.

Q: How has your equipment directly benefited the fresh produce industry?           

A: We identified a gap, the industry needed a pouch bagger that offered versatility in pack sizes, increased speeds, and consistent performance, and not just for small potatoes and citrus. We engineered a soft-fill mechanism on our FSPB2 pouch bagger that handles more sensitive commodities, like apples and avocados, without bruising. We continue to work on solutions that directly benefit our customers.

Q: What is the innovative culture at Fox Solutions?       

A: As demand for fresh produce increased, the distribution supply chain needed additional equipment support to streamline operations from field to store shelf. I consider our teams to be direct part of the fresh produce industry. It is important that we understand the individual needs of each commodity so that we can better design produce handling equipment and offer real solutions that take into account product-specific details.

Q: Beyond manufacturing, you distribute machinery as well. Can you tell us about your partners?             

A: Our partners share the same expertise, passion, and innovative approach as we do. Working with companies like Newtec, Intec, and Kwik Lok, to name a few, elevate our ability to fully serve customers with equipment that can be trusted.

Q: Which commodities can you serve? 

A: We are able to serve a wide variety of commodities. We mentioned our soft-fill mechanism; this tool extends our pouch bagging solutions to apples, avocados, cucumbers, and green beans. As customers begin to transition to flexible packaging solutions for their products, we receive varying requests to automate these commodities. We enjoy the challenge of trial and error and then presenting a tested solution to our customers.

Q: Is your machinery compatible with existing lines?     

A: It is crucial that the line consists of a weigher that has the capacity to run produce at the desired speeds. One weigher can feed up to two pouch baggers or four Wicketed baggers. Our team will review your existing line to ensure compatibility and that you have everything in place for success.

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