7 Reasons Why Your Potato Operations Will Improve with the Newtec Celox-P-UHD Optical Sorter


Unlike its counterparts, the Newtec Celox-P-UHD Optical Sorter's unique design provides simultaneous sorting by quality, size and shape.  The machine's three camera system photographs each and every potato up to 45 times to catch a wide range of surface defects such as external damage, black spots, dry cuts, gray damage, greening and rotting.


Are you all about the details?  We have seven compelling reasons you should consider the Celox-P-UHD Optical Sorter for your potato operations:

  1. Increased food safety with full stainless steel construction
  2. Customizable sorting criteria for up to 13 categories of potatoes
  3. Reduces manual labor costs by eliminating the need for pre-grading 
  4. Consistent quality and accurate selection of high value potatoes
  5. Gentle product handling with a low drop height
  6. Small footprint with high throughput
  7. High color consistency using its specially adapted camera system 


Interested in talking to someone on our sales team?  Contact us at info@solutionsbyfox.com to discuss how the Celox is right for you.

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