2018 Packaging Trends

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As 2017 comes to a close, fresh produce companies like yourself are thinking about how you can better position your products to consumers in 2018.  Packaging is a key consideration in that brand strategy. To help make your planning easier in the coming year, we’ve done some research and compiled a few packaging trends that you should keep in mind as you begin building out your brand strategy for the coming year.

Packaging Material and Style

The flexible packaging market is expected to continue growing in 2018 as the number one choice of packaging material. It provides many benefits, including easy recyclability and protection against contaminants for your fresh produce. Flexible packaging is a lightweight material, which in turn creates a lighter load for palletizing, reducing freight costs for shipping your produce to its intended destination.

Stand-Up Pouches, a type of flexible packaging option, continue to rise in popularity with fresh produce brands. Consumers want a functional, convenient, and durable packaging design that can easily be taken on-the-go.


As consumers become more focused on environmentally friendly products, they are also more aware of the type of packaging materials those products are sold in. You have an opportunity to provide a positive brand position with a sustainable packaging choice. Make sure to work in tandem with your packaging supplier to ensure recyclability and reusability are top of mind as they guide you through your packaging options.

Branding and Messaging

Charles D. Yuska, President and CEO of PMMI (Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute), states that “37% of U.S. consumers find it important to understand ingredients on food labels while 91% believe that products with recognizable ingredients are healthier, and the rise in demand for organic food has fueled a more than 10% growth in this sector.” These statistics alone make it imperative that your company making packaging decisions that provide ample space for product and company information that positions your brand well in light of these consumer interests.


Convenience is a top selling point for consumers and will continue to be in 2018. Make sure you are choosing packaging for your produce that extends product shelf-life, is re-sealable and provides the consumer with helpful information such as cooking tips or a recipe that makes meal prep quick and easy. 

Fox Packaging keeps these and other consumer trends top of mind when developing packaging solutions for fresh produce brands. Contact us for more information on our flexible packaging options, and start your 2018 packaging strategy off on the right foot!

Source: https://www.industrialpackaging.com/blog/packaging-trends-to-watch-for-2018  

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