7 Sustainability Stats

Download this quick reference one pager for key sustainability stats you’ll want to know.

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A Quick Reference Guide: Sustainability Related Definitions

Download for a quick reference sheet to common sustainability terms used in fresh produce conversations.

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Packaging Design Creative Brief Template

Download this reusable Microsoft® Word template to ensure your design project is initiated with all the relevant information including  project expectations, purpose, audience, brand aesthetics, and competitive landscape.


Best Practices to Achieve Inspired, High-Impact Packaging Design

Download one or all three of these Best Practices for High Impact Packaging Design resources: The Creative Brief, Packaging Copy, Packaging Design.

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Packaging Content Template

Download for a handy fill-in-the-blank Excel spreadsheet that helps you itemize all the messaging and visual components that you want included in your packaging design.

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What is Sustainable Packaging?

Download for a brief overview of sustainable packaging requirements and a side-by-side summary comparison of our three sustainable pouch bag styles.

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Designing for Sustainability

Download for a deep dive into the data that supports sustainable packaging as well as 10 areas to address in your sustainable packaging choices.

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Our Packaging Benefits

Download this quick guide to understand the unique benefits of each of Fox Packaging's innovative flexible packaging solutions.

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Display-Ready Packaging

Download to get best practices for putting together a successful display-ready packaging program.

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Display-Ready Packaging Best Practices Checklist

Download this checklist to keep track of all the details involved in launching your next display-ready packaging program.

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7 Global Packaging Trends

Download to learn about seven global packaging trends expected to transform the way we merchandise and sell fresh produce.

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